Surfside Beach California

Between the cities of Seal Beach and Sunset Beach is the tiny, little community of Surfside. A scenic stretch of coastline on the Pacific Ocean features a post office and 400 to 500 houses. Most hardly know it exists because this little piece of paradise is guard gated.  There are no stores, restaurants and scarce visitor parking.
Overlooking the Pacific Ocean to the west and Long Beach to the north, Surfside experiences relaxed serenity in times of peace, but routinely sees military ships come into port for munitions att  Naval Weapons Station on bordering Seal Beach within view of Row A houses facing the beach. Of course Row A is the most coveted place to own a home for it's there that you look to the ocean. Residents can see dolphins in the distance from time to time, watch sailboats, cargo ships and tankers head into port at Long Beach and the Port of L.A., and even see the downtown skyline of Long Beach framed by the small mountains of Palos Verdes.
Admission into the community is a bit challenging. With a location near the bridge on Pacific Coast Highway overpass to the Anaheim Bay, access from the south is tricky and only obtainable from southbound lanes of PCH. When driving from Sunset Beach, you must drive nearly half a mile and make a U-turn at the next stoplight in the city limits of Seal Beach.
Surfside can be accessed on foot by parking in Sunset Beach near the landmark Water Tower house (which is zoned as a Seal Beach property) and bu walking along the beach. The area overlooks Catalina Island to the west and Long Beach to north. Next to the beach community is Anaheim Bay where boats from Huntington Harbour gain access to open seas. They must pass a military post for the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station located on the northernmost boundary of Surfside. You'll often see helicopters and naval ships at this location which is a small but active port for munitions. 
Surfside itself features housing in several rows lining the beach with a small road that serves both as the thoroughfare and garage entry for homes that nearly touch each other from side to side.  "A" row is the name for houses directly on the beach.  "B" row faces the garage side of the "A" row homes. "A" properties usually cost more money to purchase and seldom come on the market.

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