Seal Beach, California

tennis at the beach

Seal Beach, California - If you're looking for a family friendly beach to visit, vacation, to shop, enjoy a beach, dine, watch a classic movie, fish on the pier, kitesurf and just hang out, by all means go to Seal Beach. Of the Orange County beaches, it offers the best blend of shopping and beach-ing that you'll find.  Why? There's lots to do in Laguna Beach but the traffic can be daunting. Newport Beach doesn't offer enough shopping along Main Street near its beaches, unless you seek souvenir gifts. Huntington Beach Main Street shopping offers a few gems but lacks those great antique stores, garden shops and clothing for the over-25 crowd. San Clemente's shopping isn't at the beach, per se. So after checking them all out, we choose Seal Beach as our favorite beach experience with the premier beach shopping, free parking and shops offering something for everyone at affordable prices.  One of the local favorites for delicious sushi and nightlife entertainment is Mahe Seal Beach, which is on Pacific Coast Highway.

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