San Francisco, Fort Baker, Nov 2013

Spent the day up and around Fort Baker, Sausalito, CA
Fort Baker, the ninth and final "Post-to-Park" converstion in the Golden Gate National Parks, is a 335 acre former 1905 U.S. Army post located immediately north of the Golden Gate Bridge. This hidden gem of a site consists of over 25 historic army buildings clustered around a main parade ground, a sheltered harbor protected by a jetty, a number of historic gun emplacements, and trails and forested areas climbing gently up from San Francisco Bay.
Fort Baker features a hands-on children’s museum and learning center, the Bay Area Discovery Museum; a first-class lodge, Cavallo Point—the Lodge at the Golden Gate; an institution dedicated to dialog and action on global environmental issues, the Institute at the Golden Gate; as well as the U.S. Coast Guard Station Golden Gate and the Travis Sailing Center.

 Travis Sailing Center

 Cavallo Point—the Lodge at the Golden Gate


Newport Beach CA Sept 2013

Getting a little dark at Newport Pier, Newport Beach CA

I love coming here in the early morning...

This guy was becoming my friend..

Just walking down by the pier in Newport Beach

A great place to eat..

Dory Fisherman selling there catch of the day.

Dory Fisherman at Newport Pier..

Sunset behind Hoag Hospital, Hwy 1

Surf is up in Newport Beach

Shot from Hoag Hospital back parking lot..

A few shots before I left to come back to San Jose.. At the Newport Pier..
Sundown, Newport Beach CA

Family Time...

Shot from Newport Pier...

Newport Lifeguard Station...On the Newport Pier..

I love this place....

Dory Fishing Fleet.......

Newport Pier, Newport Beach Ca

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