Seabright and Twin Lakes State Beaches, Santa Cruz California

Although this is a state park, there is no gate or entrance fee, which makes this one of the most popular state beaches. The coords listed are for the main pedestrian entrance at the foot of Seventh Avenue, near the east end of the beach. The beach runs along East Cliff drive to the Santa Cruz harbor, including what is popularly known as "Harbor beach" in front of the restaurants at the harbor.
Twin Lakes State Beach also includes Seabright State Beach, which has a separate name but not a separate status with the state park system. Seabright beach lies just west of the harbor, running as far as the San Lorenzo River.
Facilities include restrooms, (cold) showers, and foot rinse station. There are no picnic tables or barbecue grills but there are a dozen fire rings on the sand, and bonfires are allowed in the rings if you bring your own wood.

This state park also includes Schwann Lagoon, just inland of the beach, which is an interesting area for birdwatching.

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