Avalon and Catalina Island, California

Today, Avalon remains Catalina's principal tourist attraction. Though nearly 20 miles separate this unique town from the mainland, remoteness has not altered progress. Catalina contains all essential utilities such as electricity, water and phones. Rainwater is stored in reservoirs throughout the island's interior, which is subsequently purified then piped to the towns of Avalon and Two Harbors. A desalination plant also services Avalon, which, most importantly, supply's water during periods of drought. All electricity and water service is furnished by the Edison Company, while Pacific Bell provides telephone utilities.
Avalon is, nevertheless, only a small part of Catalina's history and enchantment; its 75 square miles of interior wilderness is a symbol of what California was like long ago, offering fantastic blends of plant and animal life forms that are now uncommon on the mainland. Additional interests include roaming bison, which were introduced to Catalina in the early 1900's. Further allure is the island's historic sites such as Eagles Nest Lodge, which continue to serve as mementos of Catalina's bygone era.
One west coast destination that is doing an impressive vacation rental business is Catalina Island, the quaint getaway just 26 miles off the Southern California coast.  Today a substantial number of visitors are opting for accommodations in delightful cottages, nicely appointed private residences, comfortable condominiums and the exclusive Hamilton Cove gated community.  Of course, the island also offers a nice selection of inviting hotels for those that enjoy traditional accommodations.

original Wrigley Family home

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