Jalama Beach County Park, Lompoc, CA

Jalama Beach County Park
9999 Jalama Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

General Camping Reservations: none
Recorded Information: (805) 736-6316
Park Office: (805) 736-3504
Group Camping Reserv: (805) 934-6211
Cabin Reservations: (805) 934-6211

Possibly the best beach hike on one of the longest, most natural beaches in California. On most days, after the first mile or two, don't expect to see another human. Be on the lookout, however, for a host of wildlife that can be seen on the sand and bluffs and in the ocean and sky -- deer, sea lions, harbor seals, dolphins, coyotes, raccoons, birds of prey and whales. Also, a great place to beachcomb for rocks, shells and driftwood. After the hike, check out the Jalama Beach Restaurant inside the store. The Jalama burger, which the restaurant says is world famous and Sunset magazine gives high praise, is a must for burger lovers.

Jalama Beach is approximately an hour drive from Santa Barbara and a 45-minute drive from Lompoc. A sign 4.5 miles south of Lompoc off Highway 1 will direct you onto Jalama Road. Follow this scenic 14.5 mile road to the coast. The park entrance will be at the end of the road. Jalama is subject to high winds and rough surf. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer months, however visitors swim at their own risk.
Day-use picnic areas provide tables and raised fire boxes. Additional activities include surfing, whale-watching, birdwatching, nature photography, rock hounding, and fishing the surf or rock outcroppings for perch, cabezon, kelp, bass, or halibut. Many protected California native plants like sand verbena, saltbush, and sea rocket, grow within park boundaries.
While you're here, visit the Jalama Beach Store and Grill and have a "World Famous Jalama Burger." They also have an extended menu that includes homemade clam chowder, chile verde and "Aunt Ruth's Raw Apple Cake."Jalama Beach 1

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Gemma Atkinson

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