Pismo State Beach, Pismo, California

A 60-acre regional beach, pier and promenade. Public restrooms, sand showers, volleyball courts, children's play equipment, benches, drinking fountains and many ocean recreation opportunities are available. A parking lot is located adjacent to the Pier and at the end of Addie Street. Handicapped parking is also available. Pismo Creek can be observed with a variety of bird life by walking down Addie Street where the creek merges into the ocean.
Pismo is the only beach in California where the area along the water’s edge is firm enough to support travel by ordinary street vehicles. At the southern end of the State Beach is the 2800 acre Ocean Dunes SVRA, State Vehical Recreation Area, for off highway vehicles. This is a 5 and half mile stretch of beach which is open to street vehicles and off road vehicles. Passenger cars can easily drive on the northern portion of the State Beach, but four wheel drive vehicles are recommended for driving to the camping area and the off highway vehicle use areas in the SVRA Park.

North 101: Exit Wadsworth. Turn west on Wadsworth, South on Highway 1 and west on any street towards the ocean.
South 101: Exit Highway 1. Follow Highway 1 and turn west on any street towards the ocean.

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