Salma Hayek: Valentina is a St. Bart's Beach Baby!

The bikini clad actress is vacationing in the French West Indies with her adorable three-year-old daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault.
The 44-year-old Mexican-born actress showed her daughter how to brave the ocean, marching right in through the waves.

Salma Hayek in Red Bikini at the beach in St. Bart's

Salma Hayek in Red Bikini at the beach in St. Bart's

PacSun Dress Irresponsibly - Behind The Scenes

Day One Hundred Ninety One, August 1, 2011, Great Blog

Sincerity, humor, depth, intensity, creativity, loyalty, honesty, dignity, originality. The 9 qualities I see in her. Funny how we don't get to choose who is in our family and we and they just arrive here together. Sometimes, we are lucky as I am with my little sister, an amazing person to know and be close to.
This is for you Shouly!
One of my favorite blogs, great person, great mom, great photo's, This gal I like.

Emma Wood State Beach, Ventura California

Image Detail
900 W Main St.
San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA

Moderate temperatures help make Emma Wood State Beach popular for swimming, surfing and fishing.  Catches include perch, bass, cabezon and corbina.  The Ventura River estuary is at the mouth of the Ventura River at the southeast end of the park.  It attracts a variety of wildlife including raccoons, songbirds and great blue herons.  Dolphins are occasionally seen just offshore.  The park also features the crumbling ruins of a World War II coastal artillery site.  The offshore Channel Islands can be seen from the beach.

Rincon Point, Ventura California

Ventura/Santa Barbara County line
Exit State Beaches or Bates Rd. off Hwy. 101
Ventura, CA 93001
Rincon Point, on the south edge of Carpinteria, is known world wide as one of the planet's top surfing spots. Nearly every major surf champion on the globe has taken Rincon for a test drive.
If you are driving the 101 freeway, exit Bates Rd. On most days parking is plentiful at Rincon. When entering Rincon, the parking to your left has a path right to the south size of the surf zone. The parking lot to your right has mountainside stairs that take you to the beach just north of the point.
It is best at low tide during the winter. Surrounded by a private gated community, access is restricted to a public trail to the bottom of the cove.  Rincon is divided into three parts; the Cove, Rivermouth, and Indicator. The cove is the best part of the point and is the closest to the freeway. Rivermouth is the speed section reaching from the mouth of Rincon Creek to the large white/stone house. The Rivermouth barrels at low tide and needs a strong swell to be connected. Some hazardous, sharp rocks. Indicator is around the stone wall, not visible from the freeway. It's usually not very good. Unfortunately, water quality also suffers as a result of winter rains, causing occasional beach closures.

The curve of Rincon Beach.

Rincon Beach, as seen from the stairs.

2011 Rincon Classic Champion Mike McCabe.
2011 Rincon Classic Champion Mike McCabe

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