Crystal Cove / Reef Point (Scotchman's cove) Newport Beach

Between Corona Del Mar and Laguna Beach you will find Crystal Cove / Reef Point. This cove has always been referred to as Scotchman's cove by divers. I was married on the beach there. In the park's own literature they still call it Scotchman's Cove, but you don't see it indicated anywhere else at the park. So, if you are looking through an older dive guide (even some newer ones) and they talk about Scotchman's Cove, this is the place. There are rocks, reef and great diving all around this area. If you are on the beach looking at the water the rock sticking out of the water to the right is an excellent choice. Make sure that when you enter the water you do it from the beach area to the east of the rock. If you enter close to the rock you find that the bottom is very uneven, very shallow for a long ways with lots of rocks that just love to bash your shins. If you enter from the east side of the rock and swim out then over you can save yourself some damage to your body and gear.

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