White Point Royal Palms Beach, San Pedro California

 White Point - Royal Palms

White Point - Royal Palms1799 Paseo del Mar, San Pedro
This is more like two beaches that share one parking facility. The whole area is surrounded by a nature preserve. They don't offer much in the department of sandy beaches for sunbathing, but there is plenty of beauty.
At Weymouth Ave. there is a a small parking area and a beach access path. It will take you down to a remote area on White's Point. There is no lifeguard here so enter at your own risk. At the official entrance, you'll find White Point Bluff Park with children's playground equipment and bathrooms. On the left-hand side of the lower parking area, you'll find a rocky shore with shallow water. Children run around with buckets collecting sea shells and slow-moving crabs, while their parents soak up some rays and enjoy the view.
The right-hand side of the lower parking area is for the Royal Palms beach. It is another rocky shoreline with deeper water for snorkeling. A paved patio-style area offers fire pits, picnic tables and bathrooms. There are nature trails that explore the surroundings. You can bring your own BBQ, and use the facilities for a party

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