Brooke Shields

Think you know Brooke Shields? No, not until you watch this.
Starring a young Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins, this beach film had a lot of eye brows raised when it debuted in 1980. The story is about two children and an adult who survive a shipwreck in the South Pacific. The three take refuge in a lush tropical island with the adult trying to take care of the two children. However, much of the film revolves around how the children learn to survive on their own when the adult unfortunately dies.
The film depicted the character’s transition from childhood to adolescence, as well as sexual discovery through quite a number of detailed scenes. Over time, the characters develop feelings for each other and struggle with sexual maturity in a setting where romantic love and sex are unknown to them. In any case, there’s no doubt this film is worth the time and pop corn. It’s best to watch with an open mind.

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