Moss Point, Laguna Beach California

Felicity K.  from YELP
Felicity K.

Moss Cove is one of the most best dive sites in Laguna Beach, CA
Access from PCH is off of Moss Street near Ocean Way. 
There is a stairway at the end of Moss Street where it dead-ends.  The stairs are rather steep, but there is a landing part way down if you need to rest.
  Sometimes it may be more convenient to drop your gear at the top of the stairs with your buddy and then go park.
  The access is relatively easy leading down to a sandy stretch of beach below. Watch for sand on the concrete because it can make the walk a little slippery - Use those Hand-Rails!  
Caution!!  Watch that last step, the sand washes away from the base of the stairs and sometimes that last step is a BIG ONE!
  Please be mindful of the neighbors - Stairway access is between private homes...nobody enjoys a rude awakening on the weekends.

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