Shelter Cove, Humboldt County, California

Shelter Cove approach
Shelter Cove is a a bit removed compared to most popular surf spots. From the 101 in Garberville it's over 20 miles of twisty, windy road. It also stands alone on the coast so it's not like you just happen to pass through it on your way to other spots
The road from US 101 into the Cove is a difficult negotiation nowadays. Humboldt County has let the 23 mile Cove Road (aka as Briceland Road) from Redway to Shelter Cove deteriorate over the last half dozen years or so to the point that it is now worse than many secondary roads in many third world countries we have visited.
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The Pacific Coast's rocky reefs feature some of the world's most abundant tidal zone life. The secret to this abundance are the winds and currents that drive surface water away from the shore, causing nutrient-rich cold water to rise from above. These nutrients cause plant life to flourish, providing a bounty of food for the incredible array of organisms that inhabit the tide pools, formed when receding tides trap seawater in basins among the rock. Read more..
Shelter Cove

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