Partington Cove, Big Sur california

Sitting on the northern boundary of Julia Pfeiffer State Park is Partington Cove. More than 100 years ago homesteader John Partington built a tunnel that is six feet wide, eight feet high, and one hundred feet long through a formidable rock promontory. Built as a wagon trail for mules to haul lumber and tanning bark to ships waiting in the cove, you can still see the iron eyes secured in the rock faces used for the ships. On the point you can also see an old rusty stanchion that was used in the operation.
After parking, look for the metal gate on the ocean side of Highway 1. You'll proceed down the well maintained but steep access road with views out to the coast.
Where the path begins to level out, you'll reach the first junction where, going straight, a short trail heads off to the left past a kiosk. The kiosk provides visitors with information about the sea life just offshore, and you can walk by and back towards the highway into a small wooded canyon.
This short spur is picturesque and follows Partington Creek a ways up until the large rocks and plants block further progress. The creek itself emerges from a large culvert that passes under the highway. Read More....

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