Marina Beach (Mother's Beach), Marina del Rey, CA

14000 Palawan Way
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
Mother's Beach is located in the northern end of the marina in Marina del Rey and its gentle waters are a favorite launching spot for canoers, kayakers and other paddlers. The beach's official name is Marina Beach but it gained its moniker because its placid surface, shallow water and on-duty lifeguard made it a safe place for children.Basin D, known as Mother's Beach, is a safe environment for kids because there is no surf in the swimming area and a manned lifeguard tower. Basin D in Marina del Rey is also known as Mother's Beach. It is a great location for family outings because there is a lifeguard, plenty of picnic tables, and barbecues. For the adventure seeker you can try windsurfing or kayaking.
The beach has no surf and a roped off area for swimming. The colorful lifeguard towers add a creative touch to the beach. It is handicap friendly and crowds vary from minimal to large depending on the time of year. Facilities include fishing, food stand(s), lifeguards, picnic tables, restrooms, showers, barbeques.

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