Fort Funston Beach, San Francisco, California

Observation deck at Fort Funston beach, San Francisco
Photo by Mark Hogan
On the dunes at the south end of Ocean beach, towering above the Pacific Ocean, Fort Funston is one of the premiere dog hangouts on the Peninsula. As its name suggests this park was once a military outpost and two-gun battery that pointed seaward to protect mid-20th Century San Francisco from an attack. Read more..
Fort Funston is located south of the San Francisco Zoo, across Highway 35 from Lake Merced. Take Highway 35 South from the city and exit on your right after John Muir Dr to reach Fort Funston’s main parking lot.
Beach Access: From the main entrance, there is a 'rope ladder' trail which descends steeply through sand about 250' (elevation change) to the beach. Small multi-use (equestrian/foot) paths access the sizeable bluff area south of here. A main trail extends north from parking into the upper Fort Funston area. From the John Muir Entrance, a second trail descends from the cliffs but requires more hiking to reach. From the end of Sloat is a long parking area which is often full. This 'flatlands' approach requires a 0.8 mi. beach walk to get to where the cliffs begin. The best way to access the best beach is from the main parking area. Note however, that in spite of its huge capacity this lot can also fill up on a popular day.
Main Entrance: Handglider staging/assembly area, vault toilets (plus handicapped), water, phone, paved trails.
Map of Fort Funston, San Francisco beaches

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