Doran Beach, Sonoma County California

Doran Beach is one of those all around nice beaches. Yes, there are definitely beaches with bigger waves, less people, and more amenities.  But if you want a nice beach within a short drive of the Bay Area that has a little something for everyone. Doran Park has a 2-mile stretch of sandy beach and is a popular place for visitors to picnic, build sand castles, fly kites, surf, fish and stroll. A rock jetty at the harbor mouth provides access for fishing, crabbing and exploring sea life. The boat launch can accommodate up to 20-foot boats. A parking lot is located adjacent to the launch and can handle 30 vehicles with trailers Plenty of campgrounds to enjoy.
Location: It is on the south side of bodega bay. There are road signs before the exit. Prepare to pay $6.00 and surf with 100 longboarders.

Doran Beach, Bodega Bay, California

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