Monastery Beach, Carmel, California

For our third dive we went to Monastery Beach.  At a later time I will post Alex's photos from this dive.
Monastery Beach, Carmel, California
Monastery Beach (part of Carmel River State Beach) is a very popular dive site for veteran divers and Instructors with Advanced classes. To get to Monastery Beach drive South to Carmel on Hwy. 1; when you get to Carmel Valley Rd. go another 2 ½ miles (you will pass a shopping center on your left). You will come to a long sandy beach, and on the left side of the highway there is a monastery. Parking is usually available off the West side of the road, but during the summer spaces may be at a premium. There are actually a number of dive sites off the beach. As a word of caution, make your entries from either the North or South ends of the beach, as the middle usually has a strong rip current and large waves. Public restrooms are at the South end of the beach.
Alex was not pleased with this turn of events.  We turned around and headed toward shore as our air was starting to dwindle.  The line had ended in about 60 feet of water.

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