Redondo Beach, California

Located just a few minutes away from Los Angeles International (LAX) airport, the Redondo Beach Pier offers a variety of oceanfront dining, entertainment and shopping choices for all ages. Enjoy a quick bite to eat while you stroll on the pier, a romantic dinner with amazing views, live music almost any night of the week or find the perfect gift or souvenir for someone special.  While at the pier be sure to eat at Old Tony's for the best Clam Chowder and Seafood. Hey they have free Summer Concerts on the beach, Check it out and have a great time.

Redondo Beach Pier
Redondo Beach Pier
You'll find more than a day's fun at Redondo Beach Marina,. All kinds of ocean oriented activities from sport fishing, boat rides, and water sports to seasonal whale watching excursions. Nighttime you'll find it's the place for twilight fishing, spectacular sunsets, delicious dinners, exciting entertainment and dancing on the water's edge. When it comes to dining, recreation, or perhaps just a walk in the cool ocean breeze.
L.A. Strand cycling trail in Redondo Beach
Redondo Beach Pier Entrance

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