If you are looking for something to do Every Tuesday night from 5 – 9 pm you can visit downtown Huntington Beach on Main Street and be entertained by the buskers who perform for Surf City Nights, the city’s weekly street fair.
Buskers are people who make their living by performing for you on streets, sidewalks, subways, parks and other public places. In Huntington Beach, you’re most likely to find buskers in the downtown area, on any given day, but especially on Tuesday evenings at Surf City Nights. The acrobats, break dancers, tap dancers, unicyclists, and magician buskers, who gather the crowds for regularly scheduled shows, usually pass the hat around to collect money; first, as they build up the excitement and expectations of the audience and then after their big finale, which might be juggling bowling pins while riding the world’s tallest unicycle (over 15 feet) or somersaulting over a row of 10 people bent at the waist. Surf City Nights closes Main Street between Pacific Coast Highway and Orange streets beginning around 2 p.m.

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