Beacons Beach, Encinitas, California

Neptune Drive and W. Leucadia Blvd
Encinitas, California
Beacons is probably best known for its surfing. Surfers are willing to walk up an down the bluff trail to get to the waves. On the maps, it's “Leucadia State Beach,” but ask the locals, and they will just say, “It’s always been Beacons Beach. Even the sign at the top of the bluff reads Beacons. Beacons Beach is hidden below an tall ocean bluffs, making it a secluded haven for surfers and other beachgoers. At the top of the bluff is a parking lot with a dirt trail winding down the side of the cliff. From the  parking lot is a great view of the surfers riding the waves, boats on the horizon, and a beautiful sunset.

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