Zuma Beach, Malibu California

When I was about 13 I remember my dad taking me and some girl and guy friends here for a overnight camp out, I LOVED it, What a great memory.
Zuma Beach is a County beach located at 30000 Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) in Malibu, California. One of the largest and most popular beaches in the Los Angeles County, Zuma is known for its long, wide sands and excellent surf.
This is definitely the beach to go to, if you're just looking for a chill beach day. It gets pretty crowded on summer weekends, but what separates it from beaches further south is that Zuma stays super clean and offers decent beginning surfing especially further down the stretch.
Zuma Beach
The mountains, miles of clean beach and plenty of lifeguard towers (and rescue boats and helicopters) make this popular beach an ideal weekend family retreat. Get there early for free parking on the PCH. Expect fog and marine layer early in the day that typically clears off after Noon. The north LA county locale means clean water (expect a little kelp) and marine life (dolphins and seals). An unprotected beach break is good for swimming but head up to Countyline or Leo Carillo for bodyboarding or surfing. Head over to nearby Hows Trancas Market and Starbucks for possible celebrity sitings.

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