Caspar Headland State Natural Reserve, California

from a 1939 National Geographic article on the North Coast
The Mill in 1938 : photo by B. Anthony Stewart ©
1861, at the height of the logging industry in Mendocino, a sawmill was built just 100 yards from the river mouth.
According to an old report, there were 160 men employed at the mill in 1880. A road along the coast crossed the river near the mill.
All that changed with the 1906 San Francisco earth quake which wrecked the bridge totally and caused sever damage to the mill.
Ruins of the bridge and the mill can still be seen today.
Caspar Headland State Natural Reserve is located on the Pacific Coast in Mendocino County approximately 4 miles north of the town of Mendocino. The reserve is shared by a residential community in Caspar South, which lies on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Bordering the reserve to the north is Caspar Beach and RV Campground, and further north the town of Caspar. State Natural Reserves have outstanding or unusual natural or scenic values. This Reserve contains a small strip of rugged coastline featured sculpted rocks, wildflowers and surf.
Caspar California is located just north of the village of Mendocino and south of the city of Fort Bragg.
Drive South on Point Cabrillo Rd., past the RV Campground then turn right on Caspar Drive to Headlands Drive. Parking is outside the reserve on Caspar Drive. Access to the reserve can be arranged prior to visiting by obtaining an entry permit from the Mendocino Sector Office.

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