Zhang Ziyi

zhang ziyi

For many Chinese men, it’s an honour to have a blonde girlfriend, but it’s a crime for non-Chinese guys to steal their Chinese girls. Not long ago, it was sometimes considered a disgrace for Chinese girl to date a foreign boyfriend. Maybe it is still taboo for some, but there are certainly more and more free-spirits joining this mixed relationship club, such as Zhang Ziyi.

Those who don’t know anything about mixed relationships are always sceptical about them: they will inevitably result in divorce, as Western men are always unfaithful, or due to the culture clash; or that they are a betrayal of your country’s men...

Therefore, it was a big splash when the gorgeous Zhang Ziyi was spotted watching the NBA intimately with a mysterious Western man! They kissed in front of the cameras, in the front row of the VIP seats. This caused a huge wave of speculation. There were some early speculations of “who is the man?” Some said he is a C-list French actor, some said he is a young entrepreneur and neighbour of US president George Bush… but the latest reports indicate that he is actually the New York investment mogul Aviv Vivi Nevo - an Israeli, aged 41, and one of the richest man in New York.

More than 80 pictures of China’s top actress Zhang Ziyi sunbathing topless and frolicking on a beach have appeared on the Internet, sending netizens in China wild on Tuesday. We were just having a little tour of our favourite sino-celeb-watcher gossip sites when we caught wind of the pics after a spell of jet-lag.

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