Border Field State Park & Beach in San Diego County

Border Field State Park Highlights: The monument signifying the southwest corner of the United States is located in Border Field State Park. Here, you will be able to walk right up to the International Border Fence, which extends out into the Pacific Ocean. There are picnic tables as well as trails for hikers and horseback riders. You will have a very close up view of the Playas de Tijuana, a western suburb of Tijuana, Mexico. The beach and a bull ring arena on the Mexican side of the fence are usually packed with people. It is very quiet on the U.S. side of the fence. Border Field Park is somewhat isolated from the rest of San Diego because it is surrounded on the U.S. side by one of the most internationally significant wetlands in the world. There's really only one reason to come here: because it's weird. How this remains a state park, I'll never know. But it's worth a stop if you're in LA or San Diego, just to say you've seen Mexico from the oddest, nastiest park in America.

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