Heart's Desire Beach, Tomales Bay State Park

Tomales Bay State Park
1208 Pierce Point Road

Inverness, CA 94937

When the temperature rises this summer and you need to get away from the inland heat, heading out to the beach is always a popular idea. Unfortunately, the beach experience in Northern California, even on a nice day, can be something of a challenge, and usually involves donning multiple layers of clothing to stave off the cold ocean wind. Swimming at beaches here often involves putting your life at risk, too, with icy water temperatures, pounding surf, and deadly rip currents posing a hazard to even the strongest swimmers.
Let's face it: most Marin beaches are beautiful and dramatic, but you're pretty much limited to walking and playing in the sand.
Fortunately, there are some great local alternatives, if you know where to look. One of our favorite places to hang out at on a sunny day is Heart's Desire Beach at Tomales Bay State Park. READ MORE............

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